Saving Thomas-Road to Emmaus

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After working really hard on this record for the last four months, we are so proud and excited to present to you our debut record "Road to Emmaus". This record really puts into music just so many of the things we had learned together as a band these past couple of years whether it be about love, faith, sufferings, regrets, joy, etc. This record has really become something that is dear to our hearts and we are praying that it will be to yours as well! We have some of our most amazing and talented friends featured on this album (Jason Min, Gloria Chung, just to name a few) so please support our music by purchasing our debut record! Order now and get a signed copy (only if you desire it, of course)

Track Order:
1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Sunday
3. Roses
4. Sweet Surrender
5. Desire
6. Little Miss Sunshine
7. The Anatomy of Joy
8. Symphony
9. Honesty
10. Encore